About NAD Therapy

NAD is a breakthrough treatment for Addiction, Depression, PTSD, Stress and Chronic Fatigue the has proven to be fast, safe and effective. NAD Infusion Therapy is utilized to eliminate cravings, minimize withdrawal and restore well being.

NAD Therapy directly addresses the chemical damage in the brain that drugs and alcohol caused. Brain cells send signals to one another using a variety of chemicals neurotransmitters. (Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine are examples of these). A neurotransmitter is emitted by one cell and is picked up by specialized receptors on neighboring cells. These normal nerve pathways cease to function properly in those suffering from addiction. NAD aids in the restoration of healthy brain function.


How does it work?

The IV amino acids apply specific combinations that have been observed to assist the brain’s natural healing processes. This results in rapid restoration of brain functions with a minimum withdrawal symptoms, even when stopping current drugs or alcohol abruptly.

Our neuro recover formulas were developed with over 20 years of research and thousands of patients.Neuro recovery has been found in quickly improve symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence; using a 10-15 day period that otherwise would take  several years to occur naturally.


How is treatment given?

Neuro recover treatment involves several days of uninterrupted intravenous treatment. The IV formula is given as a slow drip requiring 6 to 10 hours each day. The prolonged daily exposure to high levels of amino acids effectively penetrate the brain allowing the patient who was still using drugs or alcohol to safely stop these substances completely (“cold turkey”) on the first day of treatment. While some withdrawal symptoms will be felt, most patients find that it is much less severe than doing it without the assistance of the amino acids. Patients find that the major negative effects of drug or alcohol use, such as cravings and anxiety, are gone by the 4th to the 6th day of treatment.The second phase of restoration takes over at this point-bringing back one’s enthusiasm, memory, mental clarity, sleep quality and energy.  

Our doctor will determine how many total days of treatment are required for the optimal and lasting results.


Will the effect last?

Patients can expect the positive effects of neuro recovery treatment to be long-lasting provided the patient  refrains from using the same damaging and harmful substance again. Patients will be supplied with an oral program supplement, The oral supplements  will  be taken during and after the IV Therapy is completed. This specifically supports continued brain balancing.

Repeat IV treatments are seldom needed although some patients enjoy a periodic booster.





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