The Need for NAD Therapy

There is a drug-induced death in this country every 15 minutes.  This number has risen steadily over the past decade – an alarming trend. Despite the trillion dollars that have been spent on this nation’s drug wars over the past six decades, more addictive compounds are used by Americans than ever before. Why are we losing the war against drug addiction?

Pioneers in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry are now addressing what is believed to be the root cause of most addictions – the neurochemical and biological imbalances in the mitochondria (my-tuh-KAHN-dree-uh) of the cells.  Most detoxification and rehabilitation programs that exist to deal with addictions are ineffective because they do not address the root problem. The majority of patients will continue to relapse unless their underlying brain neurochemical dysfunction is addressed. Conventional medicine, as well as most of society, have long viewed addictions as pathological behaviors or character defects, over which the sufferer can have a great deal of control.  

Most addiction programs do not recognize some of the important underlying contributors to the addiction process, which are neurotoxicity resulting from living in our toxic world, and the overloading of our natural detoxification systems from the toxins in our world.  Neurotoxicity results from a number of sources, including:  industrial toxins, molds, Lyme disease toxins, protomyxzoa (proh-tuh-mikes-ZOH-uh) toxins, and other viral infections. When these lipophilic (ly-puh-FIH-lihk) toxins saturate the myelin (MY-uh-luhn) sheath of the nerves, they displace healthy fatty acid chains causing oxidation, and inflammation of the nerve lining. This disrupts the electromagnetic field surrounding the neurons, with a subsequent reduction of the electrical signals moving through the neurons.  The organ that is most sensitive to this toxin-induced reduction of electrical activity is the brain.

Emerald Neuro Recover Centers, with their unique protocol, address not only this neurotoxicity, but also mitochondrial (cellular) energy depletion, and neurotransmitter deficiencies.  During the first five days of the treatment, we detoxify the patient using intravenous ozone, ultraviolet blood irradiation, intravenous glutathione (gloo-tuh-THY-ohn), and intravenous Myers nutritional supplement. We then began the eight- to ten-day second stage of detoxification, using the formulations developed by Dr. William Hitt. These formulations have been tested on thousands of patients in America, in several innovative clinics. The protocol provides the patient, over a period of six to eight hours per day, with a slow, comfortable intravenous infusion of neurotransmitter-replenishing amino acids, and mitochondrial energy-replenishing NAD. The success rate with this protocol across the nation has been over 80%.  As a contrast, typical rehabilitation clinics have a relapse rate of over 90%.

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