Emerald Neuro-Recover Centers is a new clinic located in Carmel, Indiana that addresses the medical aspects of addiction. Through a 6-10 day protocol, we restore the brain to its pre-addiction neurologic state. We use all-natural ingredients in our IV drips to accomplish our goal of giving our patients their lives back.

Why are we here?

There is a terrible heroin/opiate epidemic right here in the heart of our community. It is not just in the inner city; it is all over our state! There are no racial, economic, or social boundaries to this evil monster. We are bringing this proven treatment to the Midwest to help fight the death and destruction that is happening in the wake of this horrible epidemic. Our community has embraced our arrival, as we are the only clinic in the Midwest utilizing this highly successful treatment.

What is our purpose?

We want to create awareness throughout the community of the epidemic that is among us right now! By healing the brain, we can take away all the cravings, anxiety and depression associated with addiction. We will save one life at a time, one family at a time, and help our community fight back.

What is our Mission?

We are striving to provide hope and encouragement to chemically dependent individuals in our community. We provide a unique medical protocol of NAD therapy, and a process that will allow patients to recover from their chemical dependency, safely and effectively.

Who are the players?

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